Announcement National Dex Monotype Suspect #4: Moonlight (Ursaluna-Bloodmoon)


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Suspect Test Reasoning
When Ursaluna was released, we were all in awe and understandably alarmed at what a bulky, strong, and just really strong Physical wall decimator will do to the metagame. In the end, Ursaluna failed to live up to its hype. Ursaluna took offense on that, flipping its stats and using the Blood Moon to enact terror onto the metagame.

Ursaluna-Bloodmoon is a bulky Special Attacker with access to Blood Moon, a move that was "nerfed" by its drawbacks of being unable to be used twice in a row. However, due to Z-move mechanics, Ursaluna-BM can utilize Breakneck Blitz + Blood Moon over two consecutive turns, culling anyone unfortunate to face these attacks, even dedicated walls like Corviknight. This, coupled with Mind's Eye, means that no one, not even Ghost-types are safe from its wrath. Ursaluna-Bloodmoon also has access to consistent setup and recovery in Calm Mind and Moonlight, making it a setup sweeper that should be respected. It also possesses a Speed tier that's able to outspeed common walls like Celesteela and Mega Venusaur and bulk that prevents revenge-killers like Choice Scarf Meowscarada and Sneasler from ending its rampage. It also has access to Vacuum Wave to prevent Weavile and Mega Lopunny from tearing it apart, and Hyper Voice to take advantage of Protect users that think they're safe by whittling down Blood Moon's PP.

That being said, the real terror might only be in our hearts, as Ursaluna-Bloodmoon might just more menacing on paper than in practice. Its low speed means that a non-passive team should be able to get the first hit in before it starts wreaking havoc. While there are very few physical attackers that are able to OHKO Ursaluna-Bloodmoon with maxed out Defensive investments, special attackers like Choice Specs Greninja, Iron Valiant, Mega Charizard-Y, and Choice Scarf Tapu Lele are all able to take advantage of its poor Special Defense before it sets up. Aside from these, Blood Moon's limitations and reliance in Z can lead to interesting interactions such as SubRoost Kyurem, Toxic + Protect Gliscor, and Celesteela being able to 1v1 it if the opponent calls out the bear's actions correctly. If it uses a Z-move, it means that Ursaluna-Bloodmoon is vulnerable to Spikes and Toxic Spikes, putting a stop on the bear even before it begins. It also suffers from its reliance on being properly EV'ed, making it unable to be fast, bulky, and strong at the same time.

Because of these reasons, we feel that a suspect is appropriate for assessing Ursaluna-Bloodmoon.

Suspect Test Information
  • This suspect test will count towards the new tiering contributor badge!
  • Reading this is mandatory to participate in the suspect test. The voting requirements are a minimum GXE of 80 with at least 40 games played.
  • Ursaluna-Bloodmoon will require a 60% majority of voters in favor of banning it in order for it to be banned from National Dex Monotype.
  • You must use a fresh account that begins with the given prefix for this suspect test. That prefix is NDMS3U. An example name would be NDMS3U Bloodmoon
  • You may not impersonate or mock another user with your account name. If there is any slight hesitation, you're probably better off picking a different name. We reserve the right to null your voting requisites if you are found impersonating or mocking another user with your account name. Moderator discretion will be applied.
  • If you are found trying to manipulate voting requisites in any way, you will be met with a harsh infraction. Manipulating voting requisites ranges from faking your screenshot to asking another user to forfeit.
  • The Pokemon that's being suspect tested, Ursaluna-Bloodmoon, will be allowed on the National Dex Monotype ladder for the next two weeks so that we can properly assess its position in the metagame.
  • This suspect test will go on for two weeks. It will last until Friday, January 12th @ 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5).
Suspect Test Rules
  • You are required to make sure that whatever you are arguing for is in-line with the Tiering Policy Framework. If what you're arguing for isn't, there's a very high chance that your post will be deleted.
  • No uninformed one liners or posts;
  • No discussion on other potential suspect tests;
  • No discussion on the suspect test process.
  • Your posts are expected to be respectful, please do not insult anyone.
  • If you fail to follow these rules, you may be infracted without any prior warning.
If there are any questions, feel free to PM myself or Mateeus. If there are any questions about the moderation of this thread, you should feel free to PM the moderation team.

Tagging Kris and Marty to implement this on the ladder. Thank you!

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